Post-hiatus update screencast

Icky, sticky, yucky Flash because I having trouble getting WebM to work here. Download the WebM version of the screencast if you’d prefer not to use Flash.

(Crap, looks like both the Flash and WebM versions cut out after about 7 minutes, right in the middle of things… sorry about that. I will have to improve my screencast workflow again!)
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3 Responses to Post-hiatus update screencast

  1. year of the Linux desktop says:

    One thing I loved about echofon is you could walk away from your desktop for a few hours and come back and start reading from where you left in the order the tweets arrived. Every other client skips all the old unseen tweets and goes to the most recent tweet.

    I don’t follow that many people, so it’s quite manageable to read all the tweets and in the order they arrive. Please consider having a feature like that.

    • Jeff Waugh says:

      How did it know at which point you stopped reading?

      Did you then read in chronological order, top down? (Rather than the usual reverse chronological order.)

      You might need to describe the interaction, as I haven’t played with Echofon on the Mac.

      • year of the Linux desktop says:

        It just didn’t scroll the screen automatically, new tweets arrived above the old tweets, but you couldn’t see them until you scrolled up.

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