Check out my live, bleeding-edge, read-only demo!

While I’m doing a bunch of plumbing deep down in Denby’s infrastructural guts — much of it involving contributions to the Node libraries we rely on — you should check out the live, bleeding-edge, read-only demo: ← early prototype user interface action here!

Some notes for intrepid testers:

  • This is a live, unmolested stream of the @hellodenby Twitter account, including a search feed for a few things Denby likes. πŸ™‚
  • Denby isn’t following too many people at this point, so you’ll probably only see my tweets in the “Home” column.
  • If you mention or direct message @hellodenby, your tweet will appear in the “Me” column, and you’ll hear a notification sound — <audio> for the win!
  • The “Debug” column shows the JSON blobs coming in from the Denby server. These are slightly trimmed from what Twitter developers will be used to seeing — I dump a bunch of the unnecessary gunk to avoid wasting bandwidth.
  • Although multiple clients can connect to the Denby demo, only a single stream is maintained to the Twitter servers.
  • Watch the “Debug” column for HELLO and GOODBYE events, letting you know when other viewers are checking out the demo… and how many!
  • Minor UX features to enjoy: You can mark individual tweets as read (click on them), you can mark an entire column as read (click on the check mark), and you can clear read tweets (click on the trash can).
  • All of the links in the Denby interface will open in a new browser window or tab, so don’t be concerned about the app disappearing when you find something cool to read. πŸ™‚

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome — please add a comment to this post. Enjoy!

Update: What’s with Vault Boy? He’s our chipper, unflappable development mascot. At some point, we’ll need a real logo. πŸ˜‰

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